Ni Hao

Det japanske punk band Ni-Hao
Ni-Hao! is a Japanese all-woman rock band. The Kyoto-based trio were originally composed of drummer Green Reo and bassists Red Ariko and Blue Yukari, also a member of Limited Express (has gone?). They released a clutch of mini-albums called Red and Blue before their full-length debut Gorgeous in 2005. This was followed by another mini-album, New-Hao!, in 2006, in which the trio abandoned their bass-bass-drums set-up for a keyboard-driven pop direction. In 2007 drummer Reo left the band and has since been active in ULTRA Jr. Now reduced to a duo, Ni-Hao! are on an extended break from performing and recording while Yukari raises her new-born son. As of 2010, Reo has assumed drumming duties for Shonen Knife.

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09.10 | 12:19

Musik er jo smag og behag.

30.12 | 15:57

De var ikke særlig gode

05.05 | 02:29

Jeg ved ikke om Kate optræder, men Per døde for et par år siden :(

21.10 | 19:37

Vores skøre sommerhus. is a very cute song. I love it. So is Kom Kom. The Butterflies songs are so happy and fun. I can listen to them over and over.

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